We might've gone too far

About a month ago Bob Nastanovich invited me to come and DJ again at the Red Monk with him and Natalie Lowe, who I'd never met before but was great! It was my first time spinning since the Monk added its fancier new bar, which actually felt like a better location for the turntables. It was a quiet night—the night before Easter?—and I had to bail early. But I felt like we were playing our best sets yet? I enjoyed what I was playing, anyway, which you can see below and stream on Apple Music or stream an approximation of (w/ substitutions for a couple of non-Spotify rarities) on Spotify.

Hany Mehanna - دلع - Dala'
Nubya Garcia - Once
Antena - Camino Del Sol
Ntombi Ndaba - Do You Trust Amajita?
Bobby Wright - Blood of an American
Deerhunter - Nosebleed
Studio - West Side Part I
Yves Tumor - Noid
Charli XCX -  Backseat (ft. Carly Rae Jepsen)
Peggy Gou - Han Jan
Digable Planets - 9th Wonder (Blackitolism)
Beyoncé - Get Me Bodied
Robyn - Honey
Miami Sound Machine - Rhythm Is Gonna Get You

Have you, have you looked outside?



For several years, Bob N. and I DJ'd on New Year's Eve. It was a blast, but it was also exhausting, and I appreciated not having to stay out late in negative degrees last night to play records for strangers. On the other hand, Bob did invite me out to spin again recently at the Red Monk, and another great pal, the mighty Brandon Logsdon, joined us, adding some great tunes (as I recall he preempted my attempt to play Melvins' "Hooch," which I had brought along especially because I thought it would work well with his tastes, by playing his own copy himself; he also kept us current by playing the Migos). Here's what I seem to have played, followed by a Spotify approximation... (Anymore, I also prefer posting lists like these than sharing my top 50 songs/albums lists; there's just too much good music. Putting music in context is more interesting to me right now than rankings—though of course I do those too as part of my job!)



The party is for everyone

As you can probably guess from the DJ name, I seem to have been in a weird mood back in August. Some songs from Pitchfork's 1960s list in here, some tributes to some recently fallen... The fact that I felt the urge to play Blondie's "Atomic" suggests this was when we were all worried about North Korean nuclear brinksmanship. This is hard to remember now after all the other things we're expected to worry about day after day. Anyway, thanks to the iPhone Notes app's autocorrect, I had to translate when I pulled "Atomic" out of my bag from what it incorrectly recorded as, simply, "Thanks." By the way: Thanks. Here's some music!

Julie Byrne - Natural Blue
Glen Campbell - A Satisfied Mind
The Nihau Brothers - Lolo Tina (my uncle George!)
Tracey Thorne - Femme Fatale (Velvet Underground cover)
Olatunji! - Akiwowow (Chant to the Trainman)
Jonathan Richman - La fiesta es para todos
Big Thief - Paul
Joey Casio - Debtor's Prism
The Nonesuch Explorer: Ketjak: The Ramayana Monkey Chant (Bali) [excerpt]
Francoise Hardy - Tous les garçons et les filles
Shabazz Palaces - Palace Slide
Solange - Cranes in the Sky

Plastic Bertrand - Ca plane pour moi
Frank Ocean - Nikes
Jackie Wilson - I Get the Sweetest Feeling
Chance the Rapper - Cocoa Butter Kisses [ft. Vic Mensa and Twista]
Heems - Patriot Act
Justice - Waters of Nazareth
Margo Price - Hands of Time
The B-52's - Rock Lobster
James Brown - Papa Don't Take No Mess, Pt. 1
Blood Orange - Best to You [ft. Empress Of]
The Special A.K.A. - Nelson Mandela

(joint set)
The Smiths - Still Ill
George Jackson - Hey Aretha, Sing One for Me
Candi Staton - How Can I Put Out the Flame
Nobunny - Give It to Me
Blue Sky Blue - Sleeping Children Are Still Flying
Blondie - Atomic
Nina Simone - My Way

Incomplete Spotify approximation: